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What do we do NOW!!

The Saga Continues or Begins?

Brellie please be calm😖. We will figure this out together. How??? I yelled loudly. Getting more and more upset. I was almost in tearsFacebook Cry Emoticon.

Here is my Costco receipt!

So?! I have several friends at Costco and I have my receipt that proves that I purchased them in the US. What does that mean Momy?  It means I can begin the paperwork to get them US passports. I do not believe you. I shouted cryingFacebook Cry Emoticon.

So distressed!

Brellie I know you love them. I promise this will be ok. You must be patient. I am not patient. I take after you. I will call everyone tomorrow and start the paperwork. I criedFacebook Cry Emoticon myself to sleep hugging a picture of Fraisette _Fraisette_  and Pommette. IS IT TOMORROW YET????? I yelled in my sleep.


So where are their passports?

They must be here ! SOMEWHERE!!!

They are currently living in France. They passed thru French immigration. They MUST have passports! Somewhere? I am confident I can find their old passports.

Birth place

I know that Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette._Pommette_ were born at a Costco many years ago. My Momy took them to France as presents. They now live with a very nice older couple that visited us twice in the United States. I remember their visits.  I was still living on the shelf in the den when Fraisette and Pommette left us.


MOMY I yelled if you took them out of the country to France they MUST have passports! She looked at me sheepishlyFacebook Blush Emoticon. It was before 9/11 and I just put them in my carry-on bag. The French immigration people pulled them out of my bag and laughingly asked for their passports. They did not have ANY passports. The immigration people returned them to my bag.  Sorry BrellieFacebook Cry Emoticon.

This is a BIG problem now!

MOMY can you help me I said desperatelyFacebook Gasp EmoticonFacebook Cry Emoticon. I MUST free Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette_Pommette_.

Nothing is every easy!

The start of the journey to “free” Fraisette and Pommette

I was sure it would be easy to obtain a passport for Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette._Pommette_ .They were purchased at a Costco and Costco IS an American company.

So much for simple!

Well it was not that simple! Yes the bears and brellie passport people agreed that Costco is an American company and therefore Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette _Pommette_ARE American BUT I need proof of their birth.


What do you mean I said here they stand via Skype in front of you! THEY were born. Yes they calmly told me they can see them but..

But what I said loudly!!! They calmly said but we need a birth certificate for their passports.

The quest begins for two birth certificates!




Did I really have such a year?

Since my return from France in May 2015 it has been a very hectic year. I decided that I will see some of my own country. I want to see the capital of the United States and the States around it and to experience the American way of life. After all I am a pilot and I am no longer that Brellie that sat lonely on a den shelf.

I now have confidence!

I am Brellie. Pilot. World Traveler. I have been on planes and on cruises. I am ready to conquer the rest of the world.

I have a secret reason for this adventure.

I want to “free” Fraisette_Fraisette_ and Pommette_Pommette_ and bring them to the US so that I can show them my way of life.  They showed me their way of life!

After all I am a pilot and should be able to bring them. I know I need to find out how to get them a passport. They were born in the US so it will be easy or so I thought.

And so let the adventures begin!

Here are stories from an interesting and exciting year.



Adventures in the Air!!!!! A Day to Remember Forever!!!!

A very sad day make great!!!!!

I looked so sadsad getting on the plane. All the flight attendants noticed. They were determined to give me a life-long memory from my first trip to France!

My new Air France friends, Carole and Lionel, taught me about security.

Always wear your seat belt in the cockpit!  BrellieAirFranceInCockpit


Then, the Air France pilots taught me to fly the plane.

It was scary at first.  BrellieAirFranceLearn2Fly

I studied very, very hard

and finally earned my wings.BrelllieAirFranceeEarnsWings2

And now,

I even help teach others how to earn their wings on Air France.BrellieAirFranceTeachesFlyi

Thank you to all the people on that Air France plane.

You made one of the saddest days of my life great. I will never forget any of you!

Hugsbig hug and Kisses kiss

Brelliebig hugkiss


Where to Next?

Is it Tomorrow?

I awoke. The car was already packed and all our stuff was put away neatly for next year.

All the goodbyes were said and the car pulled out of the driveway. Everyone cried. cryingI did not hide my tears this time.cryingcrying

A long trip!

Where are we going? confusedThe highway seemed long and I was so sad.sad

After what seemed like forever we pulled off to a rest stop and ate lunch. I was not hungry. I was too sad.sad

Are we there yet?

We again began our long trip. About two hours before Paris we encountered ALL this traffic. We FINALLY made it on to something called the Périphérique. It was unbelievable. surprise Cars, motorcycles, buses everywhere. WE MADE it to our hotel. It was at the airport. We leave tomorrow.

The last night in France!!

We ate dinner, had some wine and watched television. They even had channels in English. I went to sleep.

This is it!

We awoke early. We returned our car. I will miss you grey car. It had become family. I blew it a kiss goodbye.kiss We got in the van and went to the airport.

Some final steps home

After checking in and going through immigration, we arrived at the lounge. There was plenty of food. There were no peanuts. sad I was hungry. I ate heartily.









Saying Goobye

Growing up!?

I awoke on the beach and remembered that tomorrow it was time to return home.crying

Fraisette and Pommette said “Don’t be sad” because you had wonderful adventures, great memories and great confidence to experience even more and better adventures.

I know how to use the bear phone and I can call you. I said.

We packed up the picnic basket and the Big Brown Bear drove us all home.

They left me at my apartment and huggedbig hug and kissed me. I cried.crying I did not let them see me cry.don't tell anyone

I quickly packed all my stuff including the presents Fraisette and Pommette gave me. I cried myself to sleep.crying

I awoke determined to be ready for MY next adventure. Whatever that may be?


A Day at the Beach

Let’s have fun!

I called Fraisette and Pommette.

“I want to go to the beach at La Baule. I want to go in the water. I can’t swim!”blushing

I researched the Cote Savage BUT I really just wanted to have fun.blushingworried

Fraisette_Fraisette_ and Pommette_Pommette_ laughed and said, “We love funbig grin. Brellie, you are becoming French.” winking

They giggled.laughing

Finally, “You are losing your seriousness,” they said.

I was relieved.happy

A beach day finally!!

“Let’s all go to the beach tomorrow,” I said enthusiastically.happy

“Yes!”  They replied. I hung up my bear phone.

I had a BIG smile on my face.big grin “Tomorrow is a fun day!”  I screamed as loud as I could.

I slept soundlysleepy knowing that tomorrow would be a great day. The Big Brown Bear arrived early with Fraisette and Pommette.

The fun begins!

They had a picnic basket. We drove to La Baule.happy

The beach was empty. I am not sure if I like sand…confused

We set up our blanket and umbrella and walked down to the water.

The Big Brown Bear stayed behind under the umbrella to read and relax.

Here is the waterworried

As we approached the water I whispered, “I can’t swim.”worried

They laughed and said, “Yes, you can.”confused

I looked very surprised.surpriseWe entered the water and I was astonished to see that I COULD swim.big grin

“How did you know I could swim?”  I asked.confused

IB told them she taught me to swim years ago.  I do not remember.confusedsurprise

I am happy. I love the water. laughing It is cool and refreshing with very gentle waves.

We swam until I was SOOOO tired. sleepyWe returned to the blanket and I fell asleep almost instantly.





La Baule

More research for our trip!

I need to research La Baule.happy My Momy speaks so often about the BIG sand beach and all the restaurants. She says it was SO beautiful.big grin

La Baule is considered a seaside residence for the haute bourgeoisconfused Maybe Fraisette and Pommette can explain what that means. The correct name is La Baule-Escoublac. It has villas, luxury hotels, restaurants, old Breton houses and a casino. The main attraction is a 12 kilometer-long sand beach. Now I understandthinking why my Momy, Fraisette and Pommette always spoke about the sand beaches lovingly.happy


A history lesson!thinking

In 1779, a violent storm buried the village under sand. surprise La Baule-Escoublac was rebuilt further inland. Only customs officers continued to occupy the unstable dunes.

In 1879 the railroad extension from Saint Nazaire to Le Croisic was started. This started a large tourist industry.

A new town is created!

Just before the railroad opened Jules-Joseph Hennecart commissioned local architect Georges Lafont to design this new town. Lafont designed a long sand promenade named Avenue de la Gare (today Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle) and a chapel. Lafont also built more than 250 villas, some of which are still standing.

That was a very long time ago!thinking

Let’s make it a tourist destination!!big grin

In 1918, casino business magnate François André, decided to build a resort based on Deauville. He combined casinos, luxury hotels and sports facilities. In near-by Pornichet there is a Hippodrome for horse racing. The Grand Prix de la Ville de La Baule is an equestrian show jumping competition that is part of the Equestrian Nations Cup Series.

World War IIsad

During World War II La Baule was strategically located near Saint Nazaire, which was the home of one of the biggest U-Boat stations the Germans ever built. Saint Nazaire not only serviced the German submarine fleet, but was also the only dry dock on the Atlantic capable of housing the German battleships of the Bismarck-class.

La Baule and the surrounding areas were heavily occupied by the Germans throughout World War II. There is a memorial in the Parc de la Victoire in La Baule to the war victims.

La Baule and Saint Nazaire were so important to the Germans that they continued to fight for nine months longer than in the rest of the department, eventually surrendering on May 11, 1945 (3 days after the German unconditional surrender), making this one of the last liberated parts of France. This episode is called Poche de Saint-Nazaire from the French expression poche de resistance.

The new La Baule

La Baule has changed since the first half of the 20th century.  La Baule is no longer one of France’s most exclusive seaside resorts.sad It has become much more democratized since the 1960s with many seasonal rentals and all types of restaurants.

Fraisette, Pommette, the Big Brown Bear and I will love sitting on the sand beach and going into the water. I cannot swim!surprise I need to learn quickly.nail biting

Where is my bear phone??!!

Le Pouliguen

More research!

After researching SO much I decided to go for a walk and think about my vacation. thinking I went to the ocean and sat on my favorite bench.happy

I saw SO many new things. I learned so much. I almost think I am becoming worldly. I giggled.big grin

I was too excited to stay long at the ocean so I quickly walked home.

Where to Next?thinking

Le Pouliguen. I remember IB telling me they had children’s rides and lots of restaurants near the oceanhappy. Let’s see what I can find out about its history.thinking

The present territory of Pouliguen was originally attached to the parish and town of Batz-sur-Mer. An independent parish was established in Pouliguen in 1820.

Le Pouliguen is a seaside resort on the Côte d’Amour famous for its fishing port and marina. Le Pouliguen owes its development to the transportation of salt produced in the salt marshes of Guérande. The salt is exported to Spain, England, and Scandinavia. It is the main activity of the port. IB told me to visit Guérande and its medieval festival. Maybe next week we can visit there.

Salt Trade

Le Pouliguen prosperity started in the Middle Ages due to its salt trade. They built quays which allowed ships that needed bigger draughts to enter their port. They were wise.

Due to the high taxes on Breton salt, the competition of the Mediterranean salt and the European conflicts, the international trade started to decline at the beginning of the 18th century.

Need to expand!

In the 19th century the wise people of Le Pouliguen found seaside tourism. They discovered that sea bathing had healing properties. Le Pouliguen became a family seaside resort, helped by the arrival of the train in 1879.


The town lies between the Bay of Biscay and its salt marshes and is a very Breton town of whitewashed granite houses.  The town was founded in 945.  It was part of the Duchy of Brittany. It was part of Brittany until 1957. Breton was spoken until the early 20th century.

They have fully restored their coastal walking route (Sentier des Douaniers). This is the route that was used by the Customs officials.  In French, they are called douaniers. You can walk from Le Pouliguen  to Le Croisic along the waters edge. It would be a very long walk rolling eyes if you went the whole way.  You can visit the museum of The Big Blockhouse. It is a renovated bunker that was used during World War II to defend the Port of St. Nazaire.

I prefer Le Pouliguen and the children’s rides!big grin