Where to Next?

Is it Tomorrow?

I awoke. The car was already packed and all our stuff was put away neatly for next year.

All the goodbyes were said and the car pulled out of the driveway. Everyone cried. cryingI did not hide my tears this time.cryingcrying

A long trip!

Where are we going? confusedThe highway seemed long and I was so sad.sad

After what seemed like forever we pulled off to a rest stop and ate lunch. I was not hungry. I was too sad.sad

Are we there yet?

We again began our long trip. About two hours before Paris we encountered ALL this traffic. We FINALLY made it on to something called the Périphérique. It was unbelievable. surprise Cars, motorcycles, buses everywhere. WE MADE it to our hotel. It was at the airport. We leave tomorrow.

The last night in France!!

We ate dinner, had some wine and watched television. They even had channels in English. I went to sleep.

This is it!

We awoke early. We returned our car. I will miss you grey car. It had become family. I blew it a kiss goodbye.kiss We got in the van and went to the airport.

Some final steps home

After checking in and going through immigration, we arrived at the lounge. There was plenty of food. There were no peanuts. sad I was hungry. I ate heartily.









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