Adventures in the Air!!!!! A Day to Remember Forever!!!!

A very sad day make great!!!!!

I looked so sadsad getting on the plane. All the flight attendants noticed. They were determined to give me a life-long memory from my first trip to France!

My new Air France friends, Carole and Lionel, taught me about security.

Always wear your seat belt in the cockpit!  BrellieAirFranceInCockpit


Then, the Air France pilots taught me to fly the plane.

It was scary at first.  BrellieAirFranceLearn2Fly

I studied very, very hard

and finally earned my wings.BrelllieAirFranceeEarnsWings2

And now,

I even help teach others how to earn their wings on Air France.BrellieAirFranceTeachesFlyi

Thank you to all the people on that Air France plane.

You made one of the saddest days of my life great. I will never forget any of you!

Hugsbig hug and Kisses kiss

Brelliebig hugkiss


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