What do we do NOW!!

The Saga Continues or Begins?

Brellie please be calm😖. We will figure this out together. How??? I yelled loudly. Getting more and more upset. I was almost in tearsFacebook Cry Emoticon.

Here is my Costco receipt!

So?! I have several friends at Costco and I have my receipt that proves that I purchased them in the US. What does that mean Momy?  It means I can begin the paperwork to get them US passports. I do not believe you. I shouted cryingFacebook Cry Emoticon.

So distressed!

Brellie I know you love them. I promise this will be ok. You must be patient. I am not patient. I take after you. I will call everyone tomorrow and start the paperwork. I criedFacebook Cry Emoticon myself to sleep hugging a picture of Fraisette _Fraisette_  and Pommette. IS IT TOMORROW YET????? I yelled in my sleep.