Nothing is every easy!

The start of the journey to “free” Fraisette and Pommette

I was sure it would be easy to obtain a passport for Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette._Pommette_ .They were purchased at a Costco and Costco IS an American company.

So much for simple!

Well it was not that simple! Yes the bears and brellie passport people agreed that Costco is an American company and therefore Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette _Pommette_ARE American BUT I need proof of their birth.


What do you mean I said here they stand via Skype in front of you! THEY were born. Yes they calmly told me they can see them but..

But what I said loudly!!! They calmly said but we need a birth certificate for their passports.

The quest begins for two birth certificates!