Did I really have such a year?

Since my return from France in May 2015 it has been a very hectic year. I decided that I will see some of my own country. I want to see the capital of the United States and the States around it and to experience the American way of life. After all I am a pilot and I am no longer that Brellie that sat lonely on a den shelf.

I now have confidence!

I am Brellie. Pilot. World Traveler. I have been on planes and on cruises. I am ready to conquer the rest of the world.

I have a secret reason for this adventure.

I want to “free” Fraisette_Fraisette_ and Pommette_Pommette_ and bring them to the US so that I can show them my way of life.  They showed me their way of life!

After all I am a pilot and should be able to bring them. I know I need to find out how to get them a passport. They were born in the US so it will be easy or so I thought.

And so let the adventures begin!

Here are stories from an interesting and exciting year.



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