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The Brellie Way

photo of Brellie

Experience the REAL PEOPLE and places of France and the Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore through the eyes of Brellie, our Intrepid Traveler.

Go 2 Real People

Join the fun with Brellie and her friends with real-life videos and even a slide show!
collage of RealPeople videos and slideshows

Go 2 France

Visit Brellie's REAL France: Before You Go, Regions, Renting, Shopping

clip from french-english food translation
Study Before you Go!

Prepare with tips for:
Calendar! Finance!
Getting Around!
Health & Safety!
Language! Pack!
sculptured chocolate dessert
Pick your Regions to eat, stay and play.
Features Brellie's own photos and videos.
car from AutoFrance
Renting a vacation home
or car in France can be rewarding!
Be prepared with these tips!
fish market in LeClerc
Go Shopping for
Cheese! Chocolate! Foie Gras!

Find grocery stores and art de table.

Go 2 USA Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore

Explore our: Restaurants, Attractions, Art Galleries and Special Events

stuffed softshell crab
Visit Restaurants to find
Famous Maryland Blue Crab!
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum from the St. Michaels harbor
Visit Attractions then climb into the old lighthouse and
enjoy a sailing tour at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum!
commissioned artwork by Heidi Clark, St. Michaels, Maryland
Visit Art Galleries and
admire Heidi's unique creations in St. Michaels, Maryland!

Visit Special Events to experience one of the largest Waterfowl Festivals in the world!

The Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore is a peninsula on the East Coast of the United States in the Mid-Atlantic region. The peninsula is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay to its west and the Atlantic Ocean to its east. The Eastern Shore has this name because it is the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay, one of the largest estuaries in the world.

Go 2 Travel Tips

Get handy tips and travel advice: By Air, By Sea, for Packing and reliable information sources for Health, Safety, Travel Insurance

photo of Brellie and friend Mushroom in business class bed
Visit By Air to find
Bargain Business & FirstClass Flights!
photo of Brellie in cruise cabin bed and outdoor balcony
Explore By Sea for Brellie's experience with
cruise lines, cruise brokers, frequent cruiser perks!
clip from packing list
Download Packing lists!
Find helpful hints.

Plan and prepare for Health, Safety, Travel Insurance with resources for passports, visas, travel warnings, health issues and more.

Go 2 Brellie's World

Brellie travels with friends in France and elsewhere.

See Brellie's trip to the cockpit where the Air France pilots taught her how to fly!

Fraisette, Brellie's friend
Fraisette, Brellie's friend, desperately searches for her passport.