A Day at the Beach

Let’s have fun!

I called Fraisette and Pommette.

“I want to go to the beach at La Baule. I want to go in the water. I can’t swim!”blushing

I researched the Cote Savage BUT I really just wanted to have fun.blushingworried

Fraisette_Fraisette_ and Pommette_Pommette_ laughed and said, “We love funbig grin. Brellie, you are becoming French.” winking

They giggled.laughing

Finally, “You are losing your seriousness,” they said.

I was relieved.happy

A beach day finally!!

“Let’s all go to the beach tomorrow,” I said enthusiastically.happy

“Yes!”  They replied. I hung up my bear phone.

I had a BIG smile on my face.big grin “Tomorrow is a fun day!”  I screamed as loud as I could.

I slept soundlysleepy knowing that tomorrow would be a great day. The Big Brown Bear arrived early with Fraisette and Pommette.

The fun begins!

They had a picnic basket. We drove to La Baule.happy

The beach was empty. I am not sure if I like sand…confused

We set up our blanket and umbrella and walked down to the water.

The Big Brown Bear stayed behind under the umbrella to read and relax.

Here is the waterworried

As we approached the water I whispered, “I can’t swim.”worried

They laughed and said, “Yes, you can.”confused

I looked very surprised.surpriseWe entered the water and I was astonished to see that I COULD swim.big grin

“How did you know I could swim?”  I asked.confused

IB told them she taught me to swim years ago.  I do not remember.confusedsurprise

I am happy. I love the water. laughing It is cool and refreshing with very gentle waves.

We swam until I was SOOOO tired. sleepyWe returned to the blanket and I fell asleep almost instantly.





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