So where are their passports?

They must be here ! SOMEWHERE!!!

They are currently living in France. They passed thru French immigration. They MUST have passports! Somewhere? I am confident I can find their old passports.

Birth place

I know that Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette._Pommette_ were born at a Costco many years ago. My Momy took them to France as presents. They now live with a very nice older couple that visited us twice in the United States. I remember their visits.  I was still living on the shelf in the den when Fraisette and Pommette left us.


MOMY I yelled if you took them out of the country to France they MUST have passports! She looked at me sheepishlyFacebook Blush Emoticon. It was before 9/11 and I just put them in my carry-on bag. The French immigration people pulled them out of my bag and laughingly asked for their passports. They did not have ANY passports. The immigration people returned them to my bag.  Sorry BrellieFacebook Cry Emoticon.

This is a BIG problem now!

MOMY can you help me I said desperatelyFacebook Gasp EmoticonFacebook Cry Emoticon. I MUST free Fraisette _Fraisette_and Pommette_Pommette_.