Making friends

Getting to know my new friends

My new friends told me all about France! They explained how the food was different, the stores were closed much of the time, people spent a very long time eating and that everyone spoke French and used euros for money.  I asked if they were dirty and they giggled. They said French people call Americans hygienic. They also told me that they had a special bear phone and they often spoke to IB and all the other bears back home.


 I said ALL the other bears and not just Fluff Bear? They explained that downstairs in my house back home there was a room, called the bear’s room, full of bears of all shapes, sizes and colors. They were so surprised that I had never been downstairs. I looked at them very sheepishly and said that until this trip I did not have a lot of confidence in myself and I never ventured very far but that I was gaining confidence every day. We stayed for lunch and dinner and had a wonderful day. 

What IS a bear bus and who drives it?

The bears said they would visit me in the bear bus and take me on adventures. I did not quite understand how this would all work but they assured me they would see me very soon.

The next day when I was finally alone in the apartment, I went to my chair by the door and sat in the beautiful sunlight. A vehicle appeared in the driveway. It was the bear bus. The Big Brown Bear, who I was told lives with me downstairs in the United States, came over to France to take all of us on adventures this May. The bear bus was invisible to humans.

Now I understand the movie on the plane

I had seen on the screen on the plane that things could become invisible if covered with a special cloak but I did not believe it. I was about to see that it was true. I met The Big Brown Bear at the door. She was BIG and fuzzy and Pommette and Fraisette said an excellent driver. People in France have different traffic rules in circles, all the directions and signs are in French, distances and speeds are measured in kilometers and the speed limits are very high by American standards. I was glad our driver was very experienced.  We all boarded the bear bus after our four kisseskiss  I was beginning to feel very French


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