Le Croisic

Time to learn about our region!

I awoke very early the next morning and had some tea and buttered bread as I continued to research our trip. I have several days to plan this.

Le Croisic our first stophappy

Let us learn about Le Croisic!  Le Croisic is best known for its fishing industry but this attractive port was also one of the first tourist resorts in Brittany.surprise The town offers wild beaches and rugged coastal walks. I like that.big grin

The harbor brought the town to prominence in the 16th century. The salt from the nearby salt marshes was exported to Northern Europe. Wood, iron and coal were brought from Northern Europe to the harbor. This commerce and fishing made Le Croisic wealthy. However, its fortunes declined in the 18th century before rising again in the 19th century with the advent of tourism, railways and sardine canneries.

What about today?

Today Le Croisic has an active fishing industry with around 100 fishermen and 33 boats.  This part of the coast also has significant shellfish production – Le Croisic is France’s main center for cockle farming. The tourist office has developed the Route des Coquillages (shellfish trail) along which you can visit producers, take guided tours, and view the beds.

I want to explore the shellfish trail.big grin Maybe we can find a restaurant?

What is an Océarium?confused

The book says that they also have an Océarium. I do not know what that is.confused  I need to research this further.

The Océarium Croisic is close to the harbor entrance of Croisic and 400 meters from the sea. It is one of the largest private aquariums in France.  An area of 1,700 m 2 , it has more than 4,000 animals which are divided into the 50 aquariums. They have a lecture room and audio visual theater, sharks from Australia, penguins, a touch pool and an ocean tunnel. The ocean tunnel is an underwater wall that gives you a fish-eye view of over 250 specimens.There is also a shark tank and daily penguin feeding sessions.

Fraisette, Pommette and the Big Brown Bear will enjoy this!big grin

This sounds very interesting and educational for the four of us. I hope we have enough time to see everything. Maybe we will need two trips to this area?  I hope the Big Brown Bear will agree to drive us there again.worried

I enjoy researching our region!!big grin

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